Blue Ale Homebrew


8 lbs. pale malt
½ lb. wheat malt
½ lb. crystal malt 10L
1 oz. Goldings (4.9 % alpha)
½ oz. Goldings (4.9 % alpha)
5 lbs. frozen blueberries
2 cups table sugar
Nottingham Yeast


Single stage mash 75 minutes @ 154 deg. Sparge with 170 deg. Water till 6-1/2 gallons in boil pot. Add 1 oz. Goldings. Boil for 60 minutes add ½ oz. Goldings for 15 minutes more. Cool To 75 deg. And add yeast. Ferment until complete. Thaw blueberries and smash by hand in original bag. Sterilize outside of bag then transfer to sterile 6-1/2 gallon carboy. Siphon ale into carboy on top of blueberries and ferment until complete. Add ¾ cup corn sugar and bottle.


Very smooth taste. Lots of alcohol about 9%. Beer is blush purple in color and has purple foam. Color and foam kind of a novelty, but I like it.