5 Gal AMCYL Ball Lock Keg – Strap

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If you are looking for a top of the line keg that carries the NSF certification this is it. These kegs are manufactured by an International pressure vessel manufacturing company that carries the ISO 9001 manufacturing certification. Fully NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) approved with ongoing compliance via NSF monitoring, 304 food grade stainless steel, sanitary welds and individually pressure tested.

    • NSF Certified
    • Manufactured under ISO 9000 standards
    • Sanitary welds
    • Tank: 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
    • Height: 25”
    • Weight: 10 lbs
    • Diameter: 8-1/2″
    • Capacity: 5 gallon
    • Connection: Ball lock quick disconnect
    • Top: One stainless steel strap
    • Base: Molded rubber
    • Pull ring style relief valve on lid
    • Pressure rating 130 psi, 520 psi burst pressure

Note: These kegs are not available for local pick up. They are drop-shipped directly from our vendor. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

These kegs are new. They have never had anything in them but CornyKeg still recommends that you clean and sanitize before use.

3 reviews for 5 Gal AMCYL Ball Lock Keg – Strap

  1. 517 Coffee

    Great Value here! We have purchased kegs from old pepsi style, to SS kegs, as well as AEB kegs. This is a great buy on a well made keg with NSF certification. Compared to the AEB kegs i don’t see much difference. Only minor thing I would change is the label for “in” and “out” are not engraved on the keg and could be improved. (makes no difference on the functionality of the keg though) Either way you can’t go wrong with this keg and if you are new to corny keg they treat you right and ship out the product quicker than anyone else. We are happy and lifelong customers here.

  2. Perzell Brewing

    I cannot say enough about this keg!! Welds are nice and smooth completely sanitary. Poppets are universal and are nice and tight in the posts which create a great seal. Handle is in great location and foot is solid. If I had to point out any flaw, it would be that the “IN” and “OUT” labels are not etched (I know, first world problems). And the final selling point…..Just $80 for a BRAND NEW KEG!!! I have bought crappy used kegs for $60 before. Had I known I could have gotten one of these brand new I would have never bought used. CornyKeg had great customer service and fast shipping. Lifelong customer!

  3. Tim Taylor (verified owner)

    Admittedly, this is my first experience with Cornelius style kegs, but I couldn’t be more pleased… The keg operates just like the standard Pepsi & Coca Cola style Corny Kegs, and comes standard with the handy pressure relief valve found only on the Pepsi style kegs… I bought four of them, and all four work flawlessly as advertised… and they are all brand new so I’m not dealing with residual messes from previous owners or problems and frustrations reportedly inherent in reconditioned 20 year old kegs… My introductory experience to kegging has been without frustrations, which I greatly appreciate… and the guys at CornyKeg were great to work with in building out my new homemade “Four Tap, Bootlegger Kegerator”…

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