20 cf NITROGEN Cylinder – CGA580

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Cold Press Coffee is best served with nitrogen. Add a stout faucet and enjoy your cold press coffee anytime.

This 20 cf cylinder (same size as 5 lb. CO2 cylinder) is rated to work with nitrogen. Unlike CO2 cylinders, the valve has a  CGA580 female connection, which mates with nitrogen regulators and the cylinder is rated  2015 psi. You may also fill nitrogen cylinders with “beer gas”, a blend of CO2 and nitrogen.

*Note* – Do not be fooled by people selling aluminum Nitrogen cylinders. Many of those cylinders are only rated for 1800 psi and many vendors WILL NOT FILL them. When buying a tank for Nitrogen make sure you are getting a cylinder rated for at least 2015 psi.


  • Refurbished Steel Cylinder
  • Recent Hydrostatic Test
  • Rated to 2015 psi
  • 20 cu/ft capacity

Cylinder is shipped empty.


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