Becker Conn. Cap Blk.

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Becker Connector Cap Black.

Replaces Becker caps on both pin lock and ball lock connectors.

1 review for Becker Conn. Cap Blk.

  1. Scott (verified owner)

    The hole on these caps that the poppet fits into is a bit too tight. I had a ball lock fitting that had accidently had the poppet installed upside down. This caused the poppet to snap and the cap to become deformed so I had to order a new cap and poppet. When I tried to fit the pieces together, I found that the poppets on this site are just slightly larger than the ones from all of my other ball lock fittings by about .1 mm. This, coupled with the hole on these caps being slightly smaller meant that the poppets would not slide into the cap at all which meant that the fittings did not operate correctly. Drilling the hole out with a 1/8″ drill bit resolved the issue.

    • Greg Nimmo

      Thanks for the feedback Scott. We’re very sorry for the issue. This was a manufacturing defect which we are resolving. As always, contact us about any issues like this so we can make it right. Happy brewing!

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