Becker Conn. Poppet Valve

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Becker Connector Poppet Valve

1 review for Becker Conn. Poppet Valve

  1. Scott (verified owner)

    The diameter of the upper post that goes into the cap is too large. All of the other Poppet valves that I have that came with the fittings measured at 2.69 mm in diameter. This one measured in at 2.8. While this would fit in the original caps that I had (although tight), it would not fit at all in the replacement caps that I purchased along with these. I had to drill out the caps with a 1/8″ drill bit to get these to fit properly.

    • Greg Nimmo

      We apologize for the issue Scott and thanks for the feedback. That was an issue with the cap hole being manufactured too small. That issue has been resolved. As always, contact us about any issues like this so we can make it right. Happy brewing!

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