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The CornyKeg carbonation lid features a .5 micron stainless airstone attached to the bottom of a standard keg lid with 22″ of tubing. a gas ball lock fitting on the lid allows you to inject C02 into your home brew from the bottom and have it permeate up through the beer in fine bubbles for rapid carbonation. Fits all oval lid kegs and incudes a lid sealing o ring and relief vavlve.

3 reviews for Carbonation Lid

  1. Greg w (verified owner)

    I will start by saying I gave it 4 stars because I used it for the first time tonight. Not sure how fast or well the stone carbonates. Upon taking the unit out of the box, the hose was curled up as most hose is when it’s new. I hung it upside down for 4 days to straighten the hose. The lid is of good quality. It fits into my corny keg precisely. I am eager to see how it works.

  2. Greg w (verified owner)

    After my first 5 gallon carbonation, this thing worked great. I am pleased with the results. I did 4 days at 12 psi which is half the pressure I normally use in traditional force carbonation. Nice small bubbles. Seemed easy to control the level of carbonation. My only complaint is that if the lid I’d left on the keg without pressure in the line, beer will be drawn up throw the stone and into the air line. I am currently looking for a stainless steel check valve.

  3. Jarrod

    Been using this for over a year. This carb lid works excellent! I highly recommend!! It carbs my beer in 24 hours. Maybe 36 for higher CO2 vol. I don’t gradually adjust the pressure up like the manual says. I set it at 12 then leave it. After 24 hours I test it and take the carb lid off and put the regular lid on and set at serving pressure. Cannot stress enough how useful and time saving this lid is. Thank you!!!!!

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