CO2 Ball Lock Kit 5 LB

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This kit is designed to provide you with all the ball lock fittings, hoses, stainless steel clamps, picnic faucet, dual gauge regulator and refurbished 5lb Co2 Tank . Everything you need to get going minus the keg. The kit includes:

(1) ball lock connector set.
(1) 3′ & 5′ piece of 1/4 i.d. clear hose.
(4) mini stainless steel corny clamps.
(1) corny picnic faucet
(1) dual guage regulator with 1/4 barb shutoff valve and pressure relief valve.
(1)REFURBISHED Steel 5lb Co2 Cylinder

Please Note: CO2 bottles are shipped empty per Ohio State law.

Does Not Qualify For Small Parts Shipping

1 review for CO2 Ball Lock Kit 5 LB

  1. Scott Campbell (verified owner)

    All in all everything works, however the regulator (operated by a screw) is extremely ill-responsive to adjustment. I’ve almost had it come completely out a few times when trying to drop pressure to serving levels (i.e. 2-3 psi) Outside of that, I had one leak but fixed that with Teflon tape accordingly.

    • Customer Service

      Scott, The Taprite regulators are known for their high quality. When reducing pressure to your keg via the regulator, you must also bleed the pressure out of the keg. Turning the screw on the regulator will reduce the pressure coming out of the CO2 tank, but will not remove pressurized gas from inside the keg. So the needle won’t drop until pressure is let out of the keg. Hope that helps!

      We’ll contact you to troubleshoot the leak you mentioned and get a replacement part out to you if need be. Happy brewing!

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