Coopers Pilsner


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Coopers Thomas Cooper Selection Series Malt


A pale straw colored beer with a bold, spicy Saaz hop aroma. Crisp and dry with cleansing bitterness. Thomas Coopers Pilsner is made from premium 2 – row pale malt and barley, bittering hops and a generous amount of aromatic Saaz hops. Fermentation with the true lager yeast, supplied, at temperatures below 68F (20C) will produce an excellent example of the pilsner style.

This is a single can, so we recommended this to be mixed with 500g Coopers Light Malt Extract and 300g of Dextrose .

Additional Information

Mr. Beer Diablo IPA Profile

  • Flavor: Hoppy
  • ABV (alc/vol): 5.5%
  • SRM (Color): 11
  • IBU (Bitterness): 70

This product will produce 2 gallons of beer in approximately 3 weeks