Jockey Box Coil Coolers – Single Faucet – Red


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Dispense draft beer utilizing stainless steel coils in an ice water bath. Jockey Boxes are made for one day events or parties. The keg should be iced down at all times. These are much easier to use and more professional looking than just a regular hand pump. Great for special events and parties. Fill the cooler up with half ice and water and you are ready to go. Kegs must be kept cold at all times.

Features: Does Not Qualify For Small Parts Shipping

Single Faucet
Stainless steel coil
Chest Dimensions:
25” L x 14″ D x 13-1/2″ H

*Note* You will need a jockey box adapter to connect your keg to the jockey box. If you do not already have one you may order one from the fittings and hoses section of the web site.


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