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The Corny Keg Homebrew Dispensing Kit is designed to provide you with all of the hardware you need to start dispensing your homebrew from your Cornelius keg. This Cornelius keg kit allows a direct hook up to your Cornelius keg. The Corny Keg Homebrew Dispensing Keg Kit includes the following:

(1) Pin lock connector set which includes (1) 2 pin connector and (1) 3 pin connector
(1) Each of a 3’ and 5’ piece of ¼” i.d. clear tubing.
(4) Mini stainless steel corny clamps to secure the tubing.
(1) Picnic faucet to dispense your favorite homebrew.
This Cornelius Keg kit is your best value for all of the hardware you need to dispense your homebrew.

*PLEASE NOTE* In order to dispense home brew you must charge your keg with CO2. This kit is designed for the home brewer who already has a CO2  cylinder and regulator. CO2 cylinder and regulator are sold seperately.

1 review for Pin Lock Dispensing Kit

  1. Samuel D Topper (verified owner)

    Great stuff. I have used these kits exclusively to build my 3 tap kegerator and they function wonderfully provided you maintain them.

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