Refurbished Pin Lock Cornelius Style Keg – 4 Pack

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Re-furbished Pin Lock kegs have been rinsed, washed, pressure checked and all o rings have been replaced.  These kegs are cleaned on the outside but do not have a perfect appearance. offers a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are unhappy with the function of the corny keg you may return it for a full refund.


  • Height: 22 – 23”
  • Height With Pin Lock Connectors: 25 – 26″
  • Diameter: 9’’
  • Capacity: 5 gallon
  • Tank: Stainless Steel
  • Connection: Pin Lock
  • Base/Top: Molded Rubber
  • Lid: Static Relief Valve or flat type /No Pull Ring
  • Shipping weight: 30lbs

We ship them UPS and the weight is approximately 45 lbs.  The corny kegs are de-pressurized for shipment.

Note: Even though your refurbished keg has been cleaned always recommends that you clean and sanitize any container again before filling with your home brew.

7 reviews for Refurbished Pin Lock Cornelius Style Keg – 4 Pack

  1. Adam Heinz (verified owner)

    1 of the 4 kegs in my order has a leaky lock. I replaced the O-ring, tried a different lock, nothing fixes it. The other three are great!

    • Greg Nimmo

      Adam – When you say lock I am assuming you mean the lid. The lid can be a little tricky on some kegs and it is the most common question and issue we have customers contact us about. We do have a video that can be found here:

      that shows you what to do if you have that problem. Take a look at that video. If you still have problems we will send you a return label so you can send the defective keg back and we will send you a new keg to replace that one.

  2. Adam Heinz (verified owner)

    The kegs are great! I had a difficult time getting a seal on one of my kegs, but the video below helped me to find it. Great kegs, great video, great customer service! I will happily come back here if (when) I need more kegs in the future.

    Help with the lid:
    If you don’t want to use detergent because you might’ve already filled the keg with beer, but you have sanitizer (I use Star-San), put a few ounces of your sanitizer mix into a quart container, shake it up and take the foam out, dabbing the foam around the seals.

  3. Andy Selle

    Kegs work very well, I already have a mix of ball and pin lock kegs so I ordered the less expensive pin lock. I don’t feel the need to convert them right now but that might be an option in the future because of the lower height of the ball lock connectors and the headroom in my kegerator.

  4. Marcos Bianchi (verified owner)

    I was waiting for 4 Black rubbers (like the picture), like the other 12 that we already have at home, but we receiver 2 Red and 2 Black… No problem about that, just a comment…

  5. Ken Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    Great Kegs! With shipping, $42 each. Can’t beat that. I get the same quality from my local brewshop for $69 each I beleive. I will definitely shop here when I need more.

  6. Marcos Bianchi (verified owner)

    Great item. We already purchese 12 from this items. For us in Brazil this is the most good items for beer!!!. Great! Thanks.

  7. EJ (verified owner)

    As advertised…great kegs and fast shipping.

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