Refurbished Pin Lock Cornelius Style Keg

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Re-furbished Cornelius kegs have been rinsed and pressure checked and all orings have been replaced.  These kegs are cleaned on the outside but do not have a perfect appearance. offers a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are unhappy with the function of the corny keg you may return it for a full refund.


  • Height: 22 – 23”
  • Height With Pin Lock Connectors: 25 – 26″
  • Weight: 10 lbs empty
  • Diameter: 9’’
  • Capacity: 5 gallon
  • Tank: Stainless Steel
  • Connection: Pin Lock
  • Shipping Weight: 12lbs
  • Base/Top: Molded Rubber
  • Lid: Static Relief Valve or flat type /No Pull Ring

Note: Even though your refurbished keg has been cleaned always recommends that you clean and sanitize any container again before filling with your favorite homebrew.

16 reviews for Refurbished Pin Lock Cornelius Style Keg

  1. Rob Goffin (verified owner)

    Just started kegging. This is the 2nd pinlock I’ve ordered. Great product and great service !

  2. Paul Krischak

    Bought 4 of these. All of them held pressure and had normal wear. I couldn’t find a better deal anywhere else.

  3. Uncle Dave (verified owner)

    Bought 3 of these. Great price and fantastic customer service / shipping. I’ll be back.

  4. Trey Brown (verified owner)

    Ordered product, was expecting a release valve on top, did not have it. Left an email for the company to explain it, never heard from them. Keg may work great, who knows? But answer an email please!

    • Greg Nimmo (verified owner)

      Trey – I apologize for not answering your email. I did a search of my emails and you certainly sent one and I missed it. My apologies. The pin lock kegs are old coca cola style kegs and very few of them come with the manual relief valve. As we state in the product description on the site the pin lock kegs come with the “tab” style relief valve. Since I missed your email I will send you out a lid with a manual relief valve and you can swap out the lid you have.

  5. Lawrence Carey (verified owner)

    Just starting with kegging great pin lock ked ordering a second as soon as I finish.

  6. Richard Miller (verified owner)

    The product was as advertised, refurbished but did not leak. For those who care about how the keg looks only minor cleanup would be required. I would buy from this vendor again and most likely soon. Thanks!

  7. Drew

    I ordered the 2 pack of refurbished pin-lock kegs. Everything arrived quickly and were in pretty good shape with new o-rings. One keg had leaking relief valve, but after contacting Bill they promptly shipped a replacement lid with a new relief valve at no charge. Excellent service, would certainly purchase from again.

  8. Charles (verified owner)

    What else can I say it’s a great price for a pin lock keg. My buddy bought one and I liked it so much I bought one. Way better than bottles which I did for years. It showed up fast and it works fine. If you want it to look new then start scrubbing but the inside looks great.

  9. Russell

    I ordered the 2 pack of refurbished kegs. As others have said, not in new condition as far as looks but they have functioned perfectly. I had a question so I emailed them after business hours and thought that I would here from them in a couple of days. A couple of hours later I had my answer. Excellent product, excellent price and excellent customer service, you can’t go wrong!!!!

  10. Kim

    We purchased two of these to transport our hot fryer oil in our food truck. We were at a loss on how to stop the oil from splashing out of the fryers while driving down the road. We read that these were the key. I wish we had bought these sooner. They are perfect not only for home brewing but also for hot fryer oil. I could not be more pleased about the quality of these.

  11. shawnw116 (verified owner)

    I recently ordered 4 pin lock kegs. In a very short period of time I received 4 pin lock kegs with new o-rings, smooth functioning posts, clean interiors, and charged with gas to show that they hold pressure. These things aren’t pretty but they are a great deal.
    I will definitely purchase from again and tell everyone in my homebrew club about them. Thanks!

  12. Jim Duffy (verified owner)

    Superfast shipping. Great price. Very good used condition. Will certainly be checking back for more in future.

  13. Dane (verified owner)

    The condition of the leg was great. Was disappointed in that it came with some red liquid inside that was smelly but I gave it a good cleaning and satisfied with the item. If it can’t clean as stated I would gave it 5. Overall th

  14. Steve Johnston (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with my order … looks great … works great … delivered fast … will tell my brewing friends … and will be my go-to place when it comes to my next order!

  15. Andy Cobb (verified owner)

    Keg got to me quickly. Everything looked good except the pressure release pin was missing. Not sure if it was supposed to have one but my understanding is that it was. Anyway, otherwise the product works.

  16. Nathan (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 pin lock kegs and they were in better exterior shape than I imagined. I would have liked a better cleaning prior to shipping. Mine still had a lemon-lime drink inside with one needing interior scrubbing since there was gunk on the walls. I’m gonna need to clean and sanitize that one a few more times before I’m comfortable enough to put my Homebrew in it.

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