Sanke Keg to Corny Keg Conversion Kit

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With this kit you can literally convert a Sanke keg into a Cornelius style Ball Lock keg. This kit is a must if you want to use both Corny kegs and Sanke kegs in your kegerator.

The conversion could not be easier to do. Just unscrew the tailpiece fittings off of the sanke coupler and put the ball lock posts on.

The kit comes complete with o-rings, poppets and posts. They are exactly like a standard corny keg ball lock connection.

The kit comes complete with o-rings, poppets and posts. They are exactly like a standard corny keg ball lock connection.  Check out our “How To” videos:

Sanke to Ball Lock – Part I
Sanke to Ball Lock – Part II

Don’t confuse this kit with other sanke conversion kits on the market. This is the only one that converts the Sanke keg into a ball lock keg.


12 reviews for Sanke Keg to Corny Keg Conversion Kit

  1. Brewmaster Bill (verified owner)

    Just installed & leak checked fittings. Used the ball lock kit too. Worked as advertised! Now can bring a keg of my home brew over to my friends home, hook up and dispense the craft beer with ease! When I leave, his commercial keg hooks right back up. Highly recommend! Ordering two more for rest of our kegerator owning friends.

  2. The Divot Man (verified owner)

    I just bought and installed the third corny keg conversion kit/set for my keezer. I thought I would leave one tap on my keezer as a full commercial/sanke connection, but changed my mind after using the other two adapter kits I purchased a few months ago. These kits are great, and give me the flexibility to put either type of keg (commercial or home brew) on any of our three keezer handles. I can go from commercial to home brew within a matter of seconds, with very little effort. I also highly recommend these.

  3. Greg (verified owner)

    Super easy to install. I’ve never bought a commercial keg but now I’ve got the option. Just kegged 5 gallons of Pilsner a week ago and yesterday I pitched yeast on an Australian Bitter with Mosaic hop addition. Great product, how to video was a big help too.

  4. Matt M (verified owner)

    Not a home brewer, but meticulous about keeping my lines clean. Using a corny to clean lines with ball lock connectors makes it super easy to clean my lines after every keg.

  5. Mike Walsh (verified owner)

    Installation instructions were clear, after installation there were no liquid or pressure leaks. This is an excellent method of switching between Sankey and ball lock kegs. Minor issue with instructions, as to identifying the difference between gas and liquid fittings.

  6. Tom

    Great product. Easy installation with no leaks. Definitely the best way to convert a corny keg kegerator to commercial kegs.

  7. Marc Dickson (verified owner)

    Exactly what was needed to convert my Stanley tap to better fit my Corny needs. Sounds “corny” but it’s true. I couldn’t find an adapter kit until I stumbled on You got a repeat customer here.

  8. Brian Leonard (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to use, no problems with it on the first day, continues to be good seal and no leaks! Thanks CornyKeg!

  9. George Pastrami (verified owner)

    Just got it, used it Saturday at a party on a Sanke keg, it worked perfectly, then made the switch to a Corny for the next keg. Easy and makes it a breeze to swap styles of kegs.

  10. John (verified owner)

    super easy to install and works great!

  11. Frank (verified owner)

    This conversion kit is simple and excellent. I’ve had one for a few years. It’s come in handy when I did not have any homebrew ready or just wanted to add a commercial keg. I just bought two more for a big event coming up. For a simple way of adding commercial kegs in with a homebrew setup, this kit works great.

  12. Brad

    I purchased my second set of this conversion kit, after using my first purchase to convert one side of my sanke commercial kegerator. With this second set I have the option of running two home brew kegs or a commercial keg whenever I wish. Easy to use!

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