Star San Sanitizer 8oz

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Star San is a synergistic blend providing a unique killing system, unaffected by organic soils and delivering a self-foaming formulation for optimum coverage and penetration.

Formulated to impart no off-odors or flavors, Star San is a No-Rinse sanitizer when used at 200ppm. Unlike other sanitizers, Star San is non-staining on your equipment and hands, non-corrosive on stainless, and stable over a wide temperature range.

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1 review for Star San Sanitizer 8oz

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to brewing. This stuff is awesome when sanitizing kegs. My heart goes pitter pat a little faster when I see that foaming action with a good shake. It’s incredible bubble surface tension holds true through out my keg filling process I nod approvingly as a column of foam exits the keg as the beer goes in. Did I mention no off flavors? No? It’s true. I never taste anything but the beer I brewed. Whether I brewed it true or not is all on me. Not the sanitizer. The sanitizers job is to help you keep the funky out.

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