Taprite Dual Body CO2 Regulator

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Dual Body CO2 regulator can have two different pressures coming from one tank.  Great for setting one keg to force-carbonate while another is set to serving pressure.

Regulator comes with built in gasket, and 1/4″ barb on/off ball valves.


5 reviews for Taprite Dual Body CO2 Regulator

  1. Otto G (verified owner)

    in terms of function, this is a great regulator. I love being able to serve one beer while carbonating the next. the knobs are easy to turn, and the dials clear to read. here are the issues: the regulator is heavy enough to make a 5-gallon CO2 canister fall over. of course, you should always tie up gas canisters, but there’s basically no way to put it down and have it stay. second, my particular set worked for six months and then started leaking. bubble-testing revealed gas escaping through a hole on the knob assembly. I emailed support, but have not heard back. I have purchased the repair kit made by Taprite, part number 7740-15.

    • Greg Nimmo

      Otto – You should not be having problems with the regulator after only 6 months. I am sorry I did not see your email about this. Please let me know how much you spent on the repair kit and we will gladly either refund your money for that or send you a store credit in that amount.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Works great. Have used to card one beer and serve another. Is heavy, but to me that is indicative of its (potential) durability. Love it and great price vs elsewhere.

  3. John Stafford (verified owner)

    It was suggested to me before I started to get a dual regulator, oh definitely worth it!!!!

  4. Tim

    This regulator was great for about 1.5 years, then it allowed the psi to creep up every few hours on one dial. I took it to Brian at Corny Keg, and he wasn’t sure how to fix it. But he gave me a new one and told me he’d deal with TapRite and send back mine. Now that’s awesome customer service!!

  5. Peter Budny (verified owner)

    Works great just like every Taprite regulator. Note that these are 1/4″ hose barbs, not 5/16″ which are more common! However, a screw-on hose clamp is enough to keep 5/16″ hose from leaking, or you could replace the shutoffs with ones with a 5/16″ barb (or MFL, if you want).

    • Dave Kleier

      Peter, thanks for your order. We are always happy to change the 1/4″ shutoff barb to a 5/16″ shutoff barb if that is what the customer needs they can just make a comment on their order that they need the 5/16″ barb and we will change it out before shipping the order.
      Thanks again,

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