Taprite NITROGEN Regulator


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Taprite nitrogen regulator is the highest quality, most consistent and accurate regulator on the market! Don’t skimp on your regulator! There are cheaper ones out there for a reason….They are cheaply made!
This regulator will not lose pressure, even when your nitrogen level begins to get low, like some cheaper made regulators. Regulator has a ball type check valve, solid brass body, heavy duty gauges, and safety shut off safety system (which will blow off at 55 to 60 PSI). Plus this regulator has a permanent Quad Ring Seal, which eliminates the need for the plastic washer which goes in-between your regulator and nitrogen tank.


  • Inlet: CGA 580 nitrogen tank fitting w/nut.
  • Outlet: 5/16” barb w/shut-off.
  • Gauges: 100 psi AND 3000 psi
  • Safety blow-off 60 PSI. (plus/minus 5 psi)
  • Working pressure: 0-50 PSI
  • Bonnet: Zinc, black


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