Tennis Ball Repressurizer – New Tank

$210.00 $185.00



Corny Keg offers this new TENNIS BALL REPRESSURIZER to help those running tennis camps, clubs, high school or college programs or individuals save money and the Earth by repressurizing flat (dead) tennis balls to give them new life and make them last until the felt wears out.

This unit holds up to 60 tennis balls at a time and after three days to two weeks of pressurization gives new life to those dead tennis balls that generally just ended up in the landfill. This device saves clubs and individuals hundreds of dollars in new ball purchases and is safe and easy to operate.

Drop any number of tennis balls up to 60 into the new pressurization tank and reinstall the lid. The schrader valve allows easy pressurization with any air compressor or bicycle pump. Repressurization can be done at pressures from 32 psi to 55 psi depending on the time balls remain under pressure and the amount of bounce you desire. This process takes between three days and two weeks. In tests we have conducted, pressurizing with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) greatly speeds up the repressurization process. Within three days at 50 psi, the balls come out ready for play. When they are ready, pull the pressure release ring located on the brass pressure relief valve until all pressure is released. Then open the top and begin to enjoy your freshly repressurized tennis balls. After playing, the balls can be stored in the tank at 14-16 psi so that they will retain their internal pressure.