Ugly Converted BALL LOCK Keg

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These are our popular clearance kegs with rough pink rubber tops, Now available with new BALL LOCK posts installed. These are converted coke kegs 9” diameter 22 – 23” tall. May have some dents.

A wallet-friendly option for adding a few kegs to your set-up!

These are CONVERTED Coke style kegs with all new orings and new ball lock posts and poppets. The lids have static relief valves, NOT the manual pull-ring style valve.


9 reviews for Ugly Converted BALL LOCK Keg

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price they are ugly and have dents but do exactly what the news ones do at a fraction of the price. but we’ll worthe the money.

  2. chris (verified owner)


  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    There dented and ugly, just like advertised. I haven’t had a chance to use them yet,but I am sure they will work just fine. I can’t read the in and out and I would have liked to have the manual refief valve.but for the price I’m happy.

  4. Roberta (verified owner)

    These won’t work in a commercial application because the protective plastic on the tops is mostly gone. We thought the pink in the pictures was discoloration. But, it is the foam underneath the missing plastic. For that reason, the tops can’t be cleaned. The foam will soak up the cleaning solution. That said, customer service was superb. After I explained the problem, they sent replacements along with a return label for the original order. I will most definitely use for all our Kombucha needs!

  5. Deven Roberts (verified owner)

    These are great if you don’t have to have nice to look at kegs. They came clean and rebuilt. Very minor dents, some had none. Great if you want to fill that keezer. I will be ordering more.

  6. Ralph Smalley (verified owner)

    Exactly as expected. They look like they will work fine and, as a bonus, I can tell them apart from others easily.

  7. Brian McCarty (verified owner)

    Definitely ugly, but they’re going in my kegerator so that won’t matter. New posts as advertised, and I’ve got 4 now that all the rubber handles are well attached (though very dried out). I bought 2 more than a year ago and came back to get another 2 recently. Still a great value

  8. John Stafford (verified owner)

    Ugly, but hey I can paint it! lol Works perfectly fine in my fridge!! Would save the money and buy again!!!!

  9. John Wenner (verified owner)

    I bought my first set of “UGLIES” last year, they were so great, I ordered a couple more. You cannot beat the economy in price, the kegs I have received (all 6 total) work well, and really aren’t too ugly at all. I am Very happy with my purchases, and recommend them to anyone in the market to buy some kegs.

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