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These are some misfits from our stock of used pin lock Cornelius style kegs. There is nothing wrong with them, but the rubber tops are a bit rough, flaky, and the red color has faded or oxidized to a whitish-pink or yellow/white color and like the other kegs may have some dings and dents but are completely functional.

These kegs are sold as is and includes an o-ring kit.


6 reviews for Ugly Pin Lock Keg

  1. Matthew (verified owner)

    Color may not be pretty but works just fine. Why pay more.

  2. Spiderbath (verified owner)

    Works great! It’s really not that ugly at all and who’s gonna see it anyway?

  3. Ben (verified owner)

    Took a little effort to spruce them up, but sanded and repainted. Used oxyclean on the inside. Looking beautiful once again and ready to go! Great deal whether you fix them up or not.

  4. Chris Rudisill (verified owner)

    These kegs work great. I dont care about the off color of the handle.

  5. Dave (verified owner)

    They aren’t pretty but I’m not looking for pretty. I’m looking for functional. My only issue was the lids didn’t come with relief valves. But I’m going to pick a couple up and I’ll be good.

  6. Andy Selle (verified owner)

    Ugly? Yes this is true. They still work perfectly and hold and serve my beer very well. I’d definitely buy them again if I needed more kegs

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