Universal Lid with Manual Pressure Relief Valve

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This is a new lid for Cornelius and Firestone brand kegs. The lid is made of stainless steel and comes complete with a replaceable manual pressure relief valve and new lid o-ring.

7 reviews for Universal Lid with Manual Pressure Relief Valve

  1. Scott (verified owner)

    These lids work well for both ball lock and pin lock kegs. I ordered these to replace a bunch of lids on some pin-locks I was converting, as well as some ball locks that didn’t have pressure release valves in the lids. They fit perfectly and I like having the pull ring so I can release pressure easily if I need to dump the contents. I also store my kegs pre-sanitized and pressurized with CO2 so that when I go to fill them, all I have to do is release the pressure and open them up. That way, they already have a blanket of CO2 to protect the beer as I transfer it from my carboys. I do replace the O-rings that come with these with (dash size 417) Silicone versions as I have found that the standard Buna-N ones tend to stick after some time of being compressed. That’s just a property of Buna-N, not a defect or shortcoming of the product though.

  2. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Nice product, good price, Fast shipping!!

  3. Bill (verified owner)

    I bought these to repair a keg with no lid and to convert another that did not have a pressure relief. These look a little out of place because they are new and shiny and the kegs I have are old and dull (sarcasm). They came quick and at a good price, like everything else I have bought through Corny Keg.

  4. Spiderbath (verified owner)

    Everything I ordered from them shipped super fast! These fit perfectly on my pin lock kegs. What more could you ask for?!

  5. Blake Chaney (verified owner)

    Very nice product, holds pressure like a champ. Bought 3 so far and will buy more in the future!

  6. Robert (verified owner)

    Someone gave me some old pin lock kegs. The lids had pressure relief but not the ones with manual pull ring. It is easier to sanitize or force carbonation when you can have a quick pressure release. I had only two requirements. They seat properly to hold pressure and release that pressure when I pull the relief valve ring. Both conditions met. Five star rating.

  7. Patty (verified owner)

    This worked great! Both my kegs are up and running

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