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The corny keg universal poppet was designed to replace any poppet assembly. The design makes it easy to clean or replace your existing poppet assemblies.

2 reviews for Universal Poppet

  1. Scott

    I love these! I’ve replaced all of the poppets on my kegs with these. I find that they fit every style of keg that I have (Cornellius, Firestone, Spartanburg, Super Challenger) and have a stiffer spring than the poppets that come standard with the kegs. I’ve never had one of these fail to seal after removing a ball lock fitting. I have had an OEM poppet stick a couple times before and when it happens on the liquid side it’s a horrid sticky mess. These also seem to clog less frequently than the OEM ones, especially when pouring a hoppy beer such as an IPA that isn’t filtered.

  2. Adrian Valdelomar (verified owner)

    Product was great, as expected, great customer service!

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