Converting a Sanke to Ball Lock Keg

Corny keg has developed a new conversion kit that will allow the home brewer to turn a standard American sanke keg into a Cornelius style ball lock keg. Now you will be able to use both the Cornelius style keg and the Sanke keg in your kegerator and not have worry about changing connections, seamlessly change from one keg to the other, leave your Sanke keg tapped and even re-use the Sanke keg for your homebrew. Since we are working with the Sanke coupler you will also be able to use any size Sanke keg from a sixth barrel to a half barrel just like a Corny keg.

There are Sanke conversion kits currently on the market that do allow this conversion but they do not turn the keg into a ball lock keg but will allow you, with a little bit of effort and a little bit of mess, to switch back and forth between a Sanke keg and a ball lock Corny Keg.

The key is turning the Sanke coupler into a coupler that accepts the same ball lock connections as a Corny Keg. When you get a Sanke coupler it will typically have a barbed tailpiece on both connections and look something like figure 1. When you order a Cornykeg Sanke conversion kit the kit will come with a gas and liquid ball lock post that includes post o-rings, a poppet assembly, gasket and coupling nut. The assembled kit is shown in figure 2

All you need to do is unscrew the wing nuts on the coupler, take the tailpieces off and replace them with the posts shown in Figure 2. The sanke coupler will now look like figure 3

You are now ready to tap your Sanke Keg…..It is as easy as that!

Once the keg is tapped you can now switch back and forth between a Ball Lock Corny Keg and a Sanke Keg using standard ball lock connectors. You have effectively made the Sanke keg into a ball lock keg.

There are many advantages to this beyond just being able to switch back and forth between Sanke kegs and Corny Kegs. Probably the biggest advantage is you don’t have to continually tap and untap the sanke keg when switching back and forth. Also you don’t have to mess with the tubing connections like you would on a standard Sanke conversion kit. And maybe the biggest advantage since the connections are now the same you can use both Corny kegs and Sanke kegs to store and dispense your home brew.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to convert your Sanke keg and the advantages of the CornyKeg conversion kit over other kits:

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Download – Sanke Conversion Instructions(pdf)

Part 1(vid)

Part 2(vid)