Sanke Kit Instructions

Step 1 – Post Assembly:

The kit comes with two different posts a “Gas” Post and a “Liquid Post”. The gas post is distinguished by the flat score mark on the base of the post. The liquid post DOES NOT have this score mark on it.

The assembly of the posts is exactly the same for each post and the parts that go into the posts are interchangeable. However, make sure when you go to attach the posts to the sanke coupling after you have assembled them that you have the gas post on the gas side of the coupler and the liquid post on the liquid side.

Parts Needed:

Post (gas or liquid), Post O-ring, Poppet w/o-ring, Poppet Spring, Plastic Spacer


  1. Take the post o-ring and install it on the top groove of the post.
  2. Take the poppet and the poppet spring and install the small end of the spring onto the underside of the poppet.
  3. Turn the post over and drop the poppet in head first with the bottom of the spring toward the bottom of the post.
  4. Take the plastic spacer and push it into the bottom of the post against the bottom of the spring.

Step 2 – Lock nut and Rubber Gasket Assembly:

Parts Needed:

Assembled Post, Lock Nut, Rubber Gasket.


  1. Take the Lock Nut and drop it over the top of the post so it slides to the bottom.
  2. Turn the assembly over and push the rubber gasket into the bottom of the lock nut. You should be able to get it a couple of threads into the lock nut.

Completed Assembly:

At this point the assembly is complete. You can now take the completed assembly and screw it onto the sanke coupling making sure to install the gas post (score marks on the base of the post) onto the gas side of the coupling and the liquid post onto the liquid side of the coupling.

Download These Instructions in PDF(0.5MB)